Quang Hoang

Software engineer

About me

After I make things work, I try to perfect them. I constantly challenge myself to find the most simple and elegant solutions to any tasks at hand. Insights and knowledge excite me, and I enjoy learning from other people.

Work experience

Full Stack Engineer

Shaire GmbH – 05.2022 – present

Rewrote and shipped a React web application used by Kunstmuseum St. Gallen and Kirchner Museum Davos for displaying artwork information to visitors, connecting to picture recognition and text-to-speech backend endpoints. Created and own an admin web application with React frontend and Flask backend to manage all documents and client data consumed by the mentioned museum web application mentioned above. Architect code structure and develop product features.

Valuecase GmbH – 05.2022 – 06.2022

Rewrote and shipped a complete user authentication journey in React. Shipped an AWS Lambda using AWS CDK for generating, signing, and validating JWT tokens.

Recyda GmbH – 11.2020 – 05.2022 – Working student

Created, shipped, and maintained core internal tools used company-wide by researchers, management, and co-founders to manage business data and client accounts. Owned core client features that contribute to the business advantages of the company. Some highlights:


Stealth startup – Full-time – 05.2020 – 10.2020

Created a document editing and sharing tool using Vue.js and Django. Highlight features:


budge-app.com – Full-time– 03.2020 – 03.2021

Shipped and maintained a mobile web application used by Deutsche Bank and DWS internally across various departments. Supported by Deutsche Bank, Bain & Company, and Handelsblatt. As co-founder, architected product features and development process. Worked with a market-leading corporate client who keeps high demands and product quality bar. Used Django, jQuery, and CSS for prototyping, later moved to React and Express for production. Worked with a test team and stakeholders to verify implemented work.


Graduate student in M.Sc. Economics and Insitutions – 10.2017 – present
Philipps-Universität Marburg, Marburg, Germany

Bachelor of Art in Public Policy – 10.2011 – 05.2015
Academy of Policy and Development, Vietnam


Read source code of open-source projects, read fictions and non-fictions, read about (code) architecture, learn new (programming) languages.